Arts Instruction

Music: All students at P.S. 107 have the opportunity to attend a cycle of Music instruction with our Music Teacher Ms. Osorio. Music instruction includes a variety of components such as: listening to music for appreciation, learning to read music, and musical expression through chorus, playing music on the keyboard or the recorder. Students exhibit their learning to various music recitals throughout the year. Ms. Osorio has partnered up with Music in the Brain to help support the vision of allowing children access to their learning through a variety of entry points and helping implement their learning on music to all aspects of learning. To learn more about PS 107 and our music program please check out this exclusive report by Univision on our music program by clicking on this link: Music for Education

Visual Arts:  All students at P.S. 107 have the opportunity to attend a cycle of visual art instruction with our Art Teacher Mr. Moore. Students engage in units that explore the elements of art such as color, line, texture, shape, for, value. Students exhibit their learning throughout the year through displays at school and school art shows.